" As a licensed doctor I was pleased when I found out about  the SmartEnergy Box's power saving and its EMF reduction capabilities... " 

Dr Susan Agar
Skin Clinic, Birmingham, AL

How Does it Work?
Who should use the SmartEnergy Box™?
Following are examples of great candidates for the SmartEnergy Box™:
  •  - Franchises (food and non-food)
  •  - Gas Stations / Convenient Stores
  •  - Grocers
  •  - Restaurants
  •  - Commercial Offices / Buildings
  •  - Gyms
  •  - Retailers
  •  - Warehouses
  •  - Garages
  •  - Residential
  • Is the SmartEnergy Box™ safety tested and approved?
    The SmartEnergy Box™ is constructed of the highest quality materials.  The physical box itself is powder coated and the internal support components are laser cut for precision.  The components that produce the energy savings and surge protection are UL listed and certified components.  Additionally, all wiring and conduit are UL listed. 
  • How can I know what percentage my savings will be?
    The percentage is highest when your building utilizes more amp-hungry appliances and motors.  Good examples of this are refrigeration coolers, refrigerators, air conditioners (the more you have the more you'll save), air handlers, fans, pumps (including pool pumps), and other items with motors of all types and sizes.
  • How long does it take to install?
    In most cases it takes about 30 minutes to install.

How long before the SmartEnergy Box™ to pay for itself?
Payback is within 8-12 months depending on the application.  

Can the SmartEnergy Box™ extend the life of my appliances and motors?
Yes. SmartEnergy Box™ reduces the so-called dirty electricity and provides the right amount of amps to the motors.  Eliminating the excess (spikes) makes life easier on your appliances and motors, thus extending the life.  One thing you will notice after installation is that motors will run cooler and give off less heat.  This is outcome of our technology.  Heat is waste. 

How long will the SmartEnergy Box™ last?
It is engineered for a total life of approximately 15 years. 

Is the product made in the USA?
Yes.  Our combined management experience exceeds 50 years in the electronics and automotive component businesses.  As a result, it was natural to fabricate and build our product in our facility in South Bend, IN.  Out of every element in the box, there is literally only on part that is not from the USA.  Given that we live in a world of "Made in China" we are proud to make our product and provide jobs here in our own country. 

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