"We have to AC units and a pool at our home.  We are seeing an average of 10% savings.  We need every kind of help we can get"

Sandy Evens 
Residential User, Savannah, GA

                                                                      The SmartEnergy Box™

The design of the SmartEnergy Box™ is simplistic in nature; intercept the incoming electricity once in your building, optimize it by eliminating inefficiencies, store it, then forward that optimized electricity to your building's consumers (motors, lights, equipment).  HOW IT WORKS

Who are the best candidates for the SmartEnergy Box™?

The same technology can be configured differently to address home, business and industrial applications of the SmartEnergy Box™. Our Energy Consultants can easily help to configure the appropriate solution for your particular needs.  Following are examples of great candidates for the SmartEntergy Box™:


  •  - Franchises (food and non-food)
  •  - Gas Stations / Conveinent Stores
  •  - Grocers
  •  - Restaurants
  •  - Commercial Offices / Buildings
  •  - Gyms
  •  - Retailers
  •  - Warehouses
  •  - Garages
  •  - Residential

SmartEnergy Box™ Features of interest:

Surge Protection
Power Factor Reduction
Heavy-Duty Indoor/Outdoor Construction
8% Guaranteed Savings
6 Year Replacement Warranty
EMI/EMF Reduction For Your Family

Our company and our Energy Consultants are committed to saving you money and providing green energy products for your residential and business applications. Give us a shot! Risk Free...

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