"My power costs at the restaurant have been rising steadily each year. I did not know a product like this existed.  We are pleased with our decision..."

Patrick Anderson
Restaurant Owner, Louisville, KY




The SmartEnergy Box™ has both UL and CE safety approval that is essential if used in the USA, Europe and many other countries. 



As a manufacturer of UL-certified products EcoEnergy must demonstrate compliance with the appropriate safety requirements. The CE Mark/Marking is required in order for us to sell our technologies within the European Economic Area.


The US Department of Energy did a study of one of the principles of what makes our product work.  In that study our approach to cost savings is verified.

To review their findings go to: http://www1.eere.energy.gov/industry/bestpractices/pdfs/mc60405.pdf


There are a few many reasons why you can trust EcoEnergy:

  1. We are not effecting your meter. The power company owns everything up to your building.  Once the electricity is actually flowing within your four walls we do our job. Our technology is a genuine power-saving (scientific) device that reduces your wasted electricity.  The US Dept. of Energy certified the approach! 

  2. You can use a clamp-on amp meter and you will see the reduction in kwh and amps on the spot.

  3. Our product has UL and CE safety approval.

     4.   We are a US corporation subject to the laws of the U.S.A. 


In addition to savings, our product provides you the piece of mind that you are leveraging a GREEN solution within your business or home.

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