See Who is Saving Money and Being GREEN?


Several Recent Comments about EcoEnergy...

We are proud to have happy clients.  We feel we back up our technology with the best Zero Risk Policy out there.  Given that we love to hear what our clients have to say, we'd like to hear your stories as well.  Please let us know any feedback that you or your company may have and we'll share it on our website.  

Thank you for the following comments:

"My power costs at the restaurant have been rising steadily each year. I did not know a product like this existed.  We are pleased with our decision..."

Patrick Anderson
Restaurant Owner, Louisville, KY


"I was skeptical but I quickly figured out how wrong I was! We installed the SmartEnergy Box and the following month we could easily see the savings. This product works as advertised! "

James Simms
Automotive Retailer , Dublin, OH


"As a franchise business we look to cut costs as much or more than the next business. We found EcoEnergy's product just ineteresting enough to give it a shot.  It paid off for us.  We are saving money and being green..."

interesting                                                                                                                                           Susan Colmes
                                                                                                                    Franchise Property Mgr, South FL

"We loved the fact that there was no risk in using the SmartEnergy Box. We installed it and saw savings right away.  It was great having the option of returning it.  But, I am saving money each month.  Why would I return it?"

Steve Reingold
Gas Station Owner , Macon, GA


"We have two AC units and a pool at our home. We are seeing an average of 10% savings.  We need any help we can get" 

                                                                                                                                                         Susan Evens
                                                                                                                        Residential User, Savannah, GA

"As a licensed doctor I was pleased when I found out about  the SmartEnergy Box's power saving and its EMF reduction capabilities...

Dr Susan Agar
Skin Clinic, Birmingham, AL

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